Every single month casino software developers surprise players with more exciting games to have fun with. Fantastic universes, ancient civilizations and other classic themes are part of what keeps a user hooked to a slot for hours at a time. NetEnt, one of the leaders in the industry, knows perfectly well what it takes to remain at the top every year.

As the competition becomes more and more fierce, slot providers have to push the limits of technology to give gamblers the best experience they can, immersing them in an alternate reality by means of great graphics and high-quality sound. Creativity is also key when trying to make a new title stand out, so original game mechanics and bonus rounds are a must to attract new players.

NetEnt Slots: What is a Slot Game?

netent-slots-gameSlots are casino games that consist of three or more reels, covered with the most diverse symbols and surrounded by all kinds of figures that set up the atmosphere and theme of the game. When the player presses the corresponding button, these reels spin for a short while and finally stop, giving place to a combination of symbols on the screen. If this sequence is formed by a certain number of specific elements along an active payline, the player gets paid according to the system’s paytable. Slots make it possible to win big with incredibly small bets!

Online slots are similar to the classic slot machines that can be found in all traditional casinos but are played entirely over the internet. This way, gamblers can enjoy a dynamic and exciting gaming session no matter where they are, as long as they have a decent internet connection.

How to Play NetEnt Slots

Learning how to play slots is extremely easy and intuitive. All games come with three or more reels (some slots might have up to nine), and each one of them presents a series of symbols related to the slot theme. The player starts the game by selecting the number of active paylines and the value of each coin, effectively establishing the cost of the bet. Then, by pushing the “spin” button, the reels begin to move until they stop and form a combination of these particular symbols. When the reels land on a winning sequence, the player gets paid automatically according to the paytable, and, if some of the special symbols end up showing up on the screen, a bonus round with bonus spins or other benefits might also start. Usually, there is the option to select the maximum bet for each spin and the alternative of also letting the reels spin automatically for a set number of plays.


The reel movement happens completely at random, according to a random number generator algorithm coded in the software. Reputable providers like NetEnt guarantee both the fairness and security of their code, so players can just relax and enjoy the experience.

Where to Find NetEnt Slots

As it was mentioned before, NetEnt is a leader in the online entertainment software sector, due to the proven quality of its products and the way it deals with player safety and their sensitive data. This is the reason why it is not hard to find an online site that includes NetEnt Slots in its selection of games. Any reputable online casino worth the time must have a huge catalogue of games from different software providers, and this definitely comprises some of NetEnt’s more popular titles.

A good approach when joining a new site is to look for specific NetEnt Slots offers, that can consist of bonus spins or casino credit. This way, it is possible to try the best games this company has to offer by making the most out of the betting budget. A casino bonus can make it easier for a player to win in the long run, and bonus spins are also an ideal opportunity to learn about all the features of a slot.

Bonuses for NetEnt Slots

The promotions that are currently available for NetEnt Slots might vary, depending on the specific agreements the provider has with different casino operators. However, it is not unusual for the company to promote a particular product, be it a classic or a new release, by offering bonus spins that apply to selected games only. It is an effective strategy to increase the userbase of an online casino, and also to familiarize players with a game NetEnt wants to advertise.

The best way to profit from these offers is to choose one that has more flexible wagering requirements, such as a smaller rollover, and that does not come with strict rules regarding the games that can be played with the bonus money. Bonus spins are particularly interesting, as they apply directly to slots and generally do not require a previous deposit.

Starburst: One of the Most Popular NetEnt Slots

starburstNetEnt has released an impressive number of games since its creation, and many of them have become cult classics for casino players. Starburst, launched in 2012, is definitely one of them.

It is an ideal slot for gamblers that want to start playing immediately, without having to learn complicated rules or game mechanics. It counts with five reels and 10 paylines, all of them set in a vibrant environment with a retro feel that immerses players in an exciting gaming experience after only a couple of clicks. Its symbols combine some of the classics that can be found in most traditional slots, like flashy coloured gems, with the impressive Starburst wild, which covers the screen with lights and sparks every time it shows up.

With an RTP value close to the average for this kind of video slots and medium volatility, Starburst assures frequent wins, even if small. The maximum pay one can get from this game can reach a few hundred times the amount of the bet, which can translate into huge prizes in the long run. This is probably the reason why it is one of the most popular slots in the market nowadays and a top choice among NetEnt Slots.